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Salentin & Scheffler • Music For Domestic Disagreements

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    Hans-Peter Salentin: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
    Hans-Jörg Scheffler: Keyboards, Programming
    Torsten Kamps: Saxophones, Flute
    Manfred Franzkowiak, Benni Friedmann, Ernie Galla, Gundy Keller: Electric Guitar
    Dieter Greifenberg [Ernie Griffin], John Maul, Scott Tibbs: Additional Keyboards
    Craig Blundell: Drums
    Efrain Toro: Percussion

    „… Enjoy 12 lounge style songs played by renowned german trumpet virtuoso Hans Peter Salentin and produced by Hans-Joerg Scheffler.
    Together with a lineup of A-players from all around the world they set out to create an album that stands out from the rest.
    Jazzy keyboards are provided by Scott Tibbs from LA, John Maul from London and Dieter Greifenberg [Ernie Griffin] from Wuppertal/Germany.
    Funky guitar parts were played by Benni Friedmann, Gundy Keller, MF Kowiak and E. Galla.
    Torsten Kamps plays sax and the burning hot rhythm section consists of Efrain Toro from Argentina on percussion and Craig Blundell from the UK on drums. …“

    Dewey Records (887516030673)

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