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Latin Session Band • Latin Session Band Y Colegas


    This recording is a compilation of many different combinations of musicians with their personal contributions dedicated to the long-established „Latin Session“ in Wuppertal, Germany.

    Lineup on „Autumn Leaves“ (Track 8):
    Lothar van Staa: Tenor Saxophone (Solo)
    Matthias Kurzhals: Tenor Saxophone (Section)
    Martin Zobel: Flugelhorn
    Mike Rafalczyk: Trombone
    Ernie Griffin: Piano
    Rolf Fahlenbock: Bass
    Andreas Landrock: Drums, Timbales, Percussion
    Miguel de la Loma: Congas, Percussion
    Jorge Oliva: Bongos, Percussion

    Ernie Griffin on „Autumn Leaves“:
    Piano, Piano Solo,
    Reharmonisation of the Original Composition,
    Composition of Intro, Interlude and Coda,
    Rhythm and Brass Arrangement,